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Frontend Website Development Services Include

HTML5 Web Development

HTML5 Mobile Apps Development

HTML5 Games Development

Custom HTML5 Applications

Enterprise HTML5 Applications

HTML5 Apps Testing / Portability

HTML5 Application Development

HTML5 Social Media Applications

HTML5 Widget Development

Why Choose HTML5 For Front-End Development

Cleaner and Semantic Markup

Our HTML5 Web designer uses clean and semantic code by replacing div tag for search engine friendly.

Rich Experience

Our UX designer provide rich, beautiful, and seamless experiences websites.

Rich Media Support

Support audio and video elements without downloading plug-in.

Offline App Cache

Allow loading visited web pages when you are temporarily offline.

Mobile Optimized

Load properly and look beautiful on mobile devices.

Geo Location Support

The geolocation API makes location available to any HTML5 compatible browser-based application.

HTML5 mobile app development with impressive and innovative solutions

The demand for mobility is constantly rising and businesses want to develop apps that cater to popular mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. This is where Exclogy takes the upgraded functions of HTML5 and provide users with the experience of a native app.

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Let Our Experts Handle HTML5 Website Development for You.

Every Website needs maintenance, and who wants to deal with that? Our HTML5 Web Development team is here when you want to make updates to your website. We’ll talk it out and do the work for a low hourly rate. What kind of tasks can our HTML5 Web Development experts do for you?
1. Fix problems fast
2. Manage administrative tasks
3. Optimize performance
4. Theme maintenance
5. Website development
6. Database Management
7. Website evaluation and many more…

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